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Coworking Is the Future of Business

The days of working in a cramped cubicle are over for many people in today’s mobile work world.
That has led to a rise of coworking spaces that allow for environments that are collaborative,
inspiring, and stimulating.

By 2022, estimates are that 45% of Indian Urban Population will be freelancers, temps, independent
contractors, or entrepreneurs Cospaze Office Spaces provides an attractive opportunity for those
workers who want to benefit from a rich work community.

Cospaze Office Spaces is an attractive franchise business model.

Like other “sharing” industries, Cospaze Office Spaces franchisees simply provide the modern
workspace and members buy private memberships, giving them access to open areas or private
offices, whichever they prefer

Many business models today are built on this collaborative model including transportation and
vacation destination sharing. Cospaze Office Spaces is at the forefront of this growing trend.
Cospaze Office Spaces’s unique combination of open space mixed with higher revenue private offices
allows for higher income opportunities. Additional revenue can be generated from event hosting to
further increase the bottom line of each location.

World-Class Training & Ongoing Support

Backed by our experience in serving this space, we are dedicated to the success of each Cospaze
Office Spaces franchisee. There are systems in place to provide world-class training, operations,
and marketing support. Our professional staff will provide comprehensive training, market launch expertise,
and ongoing collaboration and assistance, ensuring that your location gets the attention it deserves
to get off the ground and grow successfully.

A Truly Turnkey Investment

This turnkey opportunity encompasses everything you need to launch your business, with expert
guidance and support with you every step of the way.

We will work with you to iron out all of the details from financing options, to site selection, lease
negotiation, build-outs, and more. Cospaze Office Spaces truly offers you a turnkey opportunity.
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Why Cospaze Office Spaces?

Listed as top 20 commercial space service providers for 2018 Cospaze is emerging as the choice for many
Startups, Entrepreners & established companies for their office space needs.
Cospaze utilizes many available technologies like Alexa voice control and centralized meeting room bookings
to its own Smart mirrors to make a office space “Smart”.

Attractive, functional workspaces Fully-equipped meeting rooms Concierge-level services Convenient, 24/7 access
Centralized café & reception area Weekly social and networking events Online member network.

This exciting franchise opportunity begins with a simple discussion. Let’s talk about your future plans
and how Cospaze Office Spaces might be a part of it.